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Our company was founded on a simple notion: to allow business to benefit from the effective use of technology.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers by working with integrity at all business levels as well as promoting the very highest ethical values.

Although we work closely with many of the industry’s leading software and service delivery vendors we hold no commercial allegiances, allowing us to remain completely impartial and able to use the most appropriate technologies to deliver the very best solutions.


We employ some of the most experienced people in the business, both technical and commercial, covering a wide variety of sectors. This provides the breadth of experience necessary to deliver projects of any size and complexity.


It is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the complexity of many business issues, but we often discover that a clear understanding of strategic goals helps us to formulate effective solutions that not only deliver cost efficiencies but more importantly grow businesses.

Collaboration is crucial in any relationship: the better the quality of the information shared the more effective the solution can be.

Because it is vital to gain mutual trust and understanding between all parties we always include our customers at key stages of projects, ensuring open and inclusive working practices.



Security is fully integrated into any solution, never merely an add-on component. It is crucial that security should not only be pre-emptive but also non-invasive and completely transparent to users.

We partner with a number of world-class security vendors who are specialists in both traditional and cloud environments.  

Cloud Providers

The current trend towards cloud-delivered services will continue to dominate the IT landscape, and it is our aim to offer the broadest selection of technologies to assist our customers.

We have established partnerships with leading cloud providers, allowing us to offer a broad range of services incorporating private, public and hybrid solutions. We also offer multi-cloud solutions providing extremely resilient infrastructures for the more risk-sensitive.


Applications change over time, keeping pace with changes in technology, leaving many customers with a bewildering array of applications to deliver on a huge variety of devices.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is at the heart of our strategy, as we consider applications simply as services. We deliver applications using a robust SOA framework, allowing the most effective and efficient service possible at the lowest cost.


Cloud Migration

Migrating traditional backend workloads yields many advantages, but there will be challenges along the way.

We use proven techniques and methodologies fully aligned with our customers’ objectives and practices, maintaining the integrity of customer data and services throughout the migration process.

Only when the workloads are fully tested including compliance, security and performance testing do they progress to full production.


We offer a variety of workshops to help our customers understand what cloud services can bring to their business.  These range from introductory levels explaining the basic concepts of cloud technology to in-depth strategy planning sessions that focus on specific areas such as security, operational efficiency, business continuity, billing etc. We can also tailor workshops to customers’ specific requirements if needed.

We provide introductory workshops free of charge with more in-depth subjects being covered as part of an ongoing strategy.

Cloud Optimisation

Well-designed cloud delivery services offer significant commercial advantages, with further advantages linked to effective optimisation.

Automation is a crucial area which can ensure that key processes are tuned to deliver maximum performance when most needed and reduced when not, reducing unnecessary costs.

Security is another area that can be strengthened when considering the possibilities of effective automation; security should no longer be considered simply as a firewall but more as a service that can change with your business.


Many customers take advantage of our reporting service which has been designed to provide a detailed analysis of cloud infrastructure and focuses on a number of areas which include security, performance, resilience and compliance. Reports are available in a number of levels from lite versions that provide a high level cost effective account of the infrastructure to in-depth versions that provide a very extensive account of the infrastructure. Reports can also be purchased in bundles which vastly reduce the overall cost.


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